Dm on discord to scorrrp#4444 for all the prices And info.

6️⃣plat2-55k, TOP 6🔥🔥

5️⃣Order done. 28k-44k Safe predator in 2 days✅

4️⃣order done. 24k-44k safe predator in 2 days✅

3️⃣44k Safe predator✅ order done from plat2.

2️⃣ 44k safe predator✅ order done from 24k.

1️⃣44.5k (Safe predator) Order done from d4.

Plat3-16.5k in 3-4h

D2-master in 4games 1h ✅

D4-master in 7games✅

D3-master in 5games✅

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